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100% American Sausage

Celebrate the 4th of July with Coco Lovelock and Kimora Quin! Today you’ll be serving up plump, juicy American sausage and these patriotic cuties need a mouthful. As the day heats up and Kimora and Coco play in the sun and slip n’ slide all over, you’ll discover you are out of buns! Oh no Every good sausage needs a good bun! When your buddy heads out to the store, you’ll be left all alone with Coco and Kimora and that’s when the real fireworks begin! They will pull you away from the grill to savor your thick sausage and bend over to take turns taking you doggy style. Fuck them missionary and cowgirl too because this backyard is filled with more than just red, white and blow! This Independence day get the wild threesome you always wanted and have a happy 4th of July in VR!
She Is The One Named Lulu Chu
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