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A Birthday Girl For The Birthday Girl

Do Birthday wishes really cum true? You bet your ass they do and this year Vanessa Vega will get exactly what she wants. She is so happy you remembered and to celebrate her special day, Vanessa blows out her candles in the hopes her naughty wish becomes a reality. Suddenly Khloe Kingsley appears and you get credit for the perfect gift! How did you know Khloe was exactly what Vanessa wanted? Before you cut the cake, sit back and watch as Vanessa gets a taste of Khloe. They will go wild on each other and turn their attention to you too. There’s more blowing to be done and this time it’s a lot bigger than a candle! Vanessa and Khloe will take turns sucking on your cock then take every inch of you for an epic threesome. A Birthday girl for the Birthday girl is exactly what this party needed!
A Stepbrother’s Guide To The Sleepover
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