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Ashly Anderson in “After School”


Balls! Yours are swollen and you can’t wait to have them drained by your horny schoolmate Ashly Anderson. She’s donning a bikini that’s just dying to be stripped from her luscious body, and she’s even gone so far to give you a little show by drenching herself with the hose and soaping up. But this is Naughty America VR, and that means YOUR hose will soon come into play! Put on your VR gear and let Ashly’s big tits hypnotize you and your snake before she gobbles you up. She’s going to slurp up your cock and then slide that thong bikini to the side and let your cock slide right into her wet pussy. There’s no other after-school activity you’d rather be doing! Fucking fun in the sun with a girl from campus…and if you’re free afternoon tomorrow, she may just want to do it again!What are you doing after school today? Why, you’re fucking your classmate Ashly Anderson! Yes, THE Ashly Anderson – the one with the big tits, thick lips and beautiful ass. You two have been planning this for some time now, and the day of reckoning has finally come, and you, too, will cum! Ashly will make sure of that. She’s going to wrap those thick lips around your cock and suck so hard she may just lift you off the ground. Ahhh…there’s nothing like getting a blowjob in the sun. And it doesn’t end there. Slap Ashly’s ass and unstring that bikini to ensure your cock doesn’t get thong-tangled when you start fucking her like the college stud you are. And rest assured you’ll have the same amount of energy when you see her at class again. Who knows…maybe you’ll get to fuck her on campus!
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