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Cory Chase in “Naughty Office”


My coworker, Cory Chase, and I had a big project dealing with paperwork. We just wrapped up and were thrilled to finally be done with it, we wanted to celebrate by grabbing a bite to eat and drink. But before heading out, Cory needed to relax a bit and let her feet breathe out of her high heels. I insisted she put her feet up on my lap so I could give them a good rub and she obliged. While doing so, I could see up Cory’s skirt and the whole situation got me turned on big time. Cory noticed and lucky for me, she wasn’t peeved at all. In fact, she wanted me to whip out my hard cock so she could suck and ride it until I came all over her tight body.After wrapping up a bunch of filing with my coworker, Cory Chase, things got really hot in the office! She explained to me that her feet were sore from wearing high heels all day so I insisted that she pop her pretty feet up on my lap so I can give her a foot massage and she obliged. As I rubbed her feet I could see up her skirt and it turned me on. Cory noticed my excitement and feeling in a good mood since we wrapped up a big workload, she insisted that I whip out my cock so I can give her my load all over her body.
Kimber Woods In “She Likes To Watch”
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