Fit for a Kingsley


We all need a study buddy to get us over the edge from time to time. Khloe is your unbelievably hot blonde second cousin three times removed. She’s studying hard for her final exams tomorrow, but you can’t help yourself from distracting her every other moment. And it looks like it’s pretty obvious that you like her based on the bulging in your pants. Despite your best efforts at hiding it she knows you’ve been staring and both of you are starting to think that the best thing to do is admit you find each other hot and relieve the tension. You know you shouldn’t but it’s not long before Khloe is laying you down in the bedroom giving you an incredible blowjob, and things are going to go much further… Cramming has never been so much fun. Grab your Meta Quest 2, Oculus Go, or Valve Index and fuck Khloe Kingsley in 7K VR porn.
The Bat And The Cat (A XXX Parody)
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