Freya Parker: The Snuggle Is Real


Your girlfriend, VR Porn cutie Freya Parker, is snuggling with you in bed. You are trying to get some shut-eye but she keeps playing on her phone and gossiping about her friends. Freya Parker has been playfully teasing you a bit and then begins giving you a handjob. Her skillful touch sends shockwaves throughout your entire body. Suddenly you are wide awake and ready for action in this 8K VR Porn! While still on her phone, Freya Parker throws her tight VR ass into your lap. Grinding up and down on your hard cock until her VR pussy is nice and wet. All that is left for her to do is slip you in gently. Too bad she is still ranting and raving about her friends – this may turn into an angry fuck…
Naked Truth
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