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Here To Namaste

Today’s yoga class will be a little different! Leana Lovings and Tiana Blow have come to bend and stretch and this time they will be under your expert guidance. Leana and Tiana are happy to meet the new instructor and you already have a reputation to live up to. Leana is a real pro and will help move this class through all the key positions and when they notice that bulge in your pants, this hot yoga class will get even hotter! Tiana and Leana will strip down and play with each other before they look to you for more. This pair of babes drop to their knees to give you a blowjob then they will bend over some more to take that dick deep! Leana and Tiana take turns riding on your dick and you get to see just how flexible they are. Blast that cum all over as they share the sticky goodness because they are here to namaste and you are here to stay! Grab your headset to be part of this VR threesome experience.
Sexual Chemistry
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