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The nurse Stacy Cruz asks you to wait for the doctor. You came to visit a doctor because you want to control your desires and sex impulses and they can help you to do that. After a few minutes, the doctor Isabella De Laa arrives. She tells you that she is going to use a hypnosis session so you can explore your deepest desires. She takes a pendant and moves it in front of your face until you go into a trance. You wake up and your desires come true: the two hot girls are going to have a threesome with you! They are standing in front of you while they start to undress and kiss each other. Sensually, they show you their boobs and butts. You get hard and they kneel to give you a blowjob taking turns and doing it at the same time. Then, you have sex together: they take turns to ride you and your fuck them in different styles as cowgirl, missionary or reverse cowgirl. You see how they kiss and lick each other’s boobs while you stick your dick inside of them. You cum over Isabella’s body while Stacy masturbates you. Now you know what exactly are your desires!
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