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I Can Fuck You Better

Angelique comes home unexpectedly from college and finds a strange woman in her mother’s bedroom next to her stepfather. Caught red-handed, her stepfather tries to explain. She tells you that she won’t tell her mother. She is only upset because you chose to bring some VR porn model into your bed instead of her. With the other woman still sleeping inches away, she takes out your cock and starts to show you why she is a better choice for some naughty fun. Head is not enough for her and she begs you to fuck her pussy. You can’t resist and start to pump into her wet hole. You go at it so hard that it wakes up Lady Lyne who cannot believe what she is seeing. You are cheating on her in the same bed with your stepdaughter. Far from being upset, she just wants a chance to join in for a hot VR taboo threesome. She rolls over and puts her big tits into Angelique’s mouth, quieting some of her moans. The horny teen loves her boobs so much that she keeps sucking when you switch pussies and start banging your side chick vigorously. Two is really better than one for this very lucky guy. While sharing your cock for a double blowjob, Lady Lyne teaches Angelique a new trick she does with her big tits. Though she can’t quite manage it herself, the eager teen licks and sucks your head when it peeks up from between her huge funbags. Hoping to learn lots of tricks from Lady Lyne, Angelique lies upside-down on the bed until you blast your hot cream all over her face. You now have two reasons to hope your wife leaves town for business again soon.
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