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I Dreamt Of You


Scarlett Jones VR has a crazy crush on her mom’s new husband. He is funny, handsome and she thinks about him all the time. It has gotten so bad that every sex dream she has involves her stepfather and his big cock. Her social life and her studies are suffering because she just can’t stop thinking about him. She finally decides that this cannot continue and tells you about her latest VR porn dream. Leaving out no filthy details, she sees your expression turn from shock and embarrassment to shameless desire. She can also see your cock growing in your pants and knows you share her forbidden feelings. Continuing to tell you about her dreams, she bends over and lifts her skirt. You don’t try to stop her and Scarlett feels a rush of pure lust through her body. Do you really want to see more? Climbing into bed, she talks about the naughty things you did together in her dream and watches as you start to touch your cock through your trousers. She opens her blouse and takes her huge, pale tits. No one can resist them and you are no exception. You sit down and watch as she begins to massage them until her nipples are hard with desire. As her hand slips into her panties, she tells you how you went down on her in her dream and ate her pussy better than anyone ever has. She can see your hand in your pants, rubbing your cock and she rubs her clit. Telling the filthy tale of how you fucked her in her dream has you both turned on. She can’t believe she is masturbating in front of you and even more shocked that you are doing the same while watching her. She wonders if you might actually fuck her, but you both cum alone so the answer to that question will have to wait until next time.
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