Katie Kinz, Lilly Bell in “My Daughter’s Hot Friend”


Katie Kinz and Lilly Bell made plans to hang out with their friend to indulge in ice cream sundaes. When the college girls show up to the house, they’re greeted by their friend’s dad who informs them his daughter isn’t home and won’t be for quite some time. Katie and Lilly are taken aback by how fucking hot the dad is and can’t believe it. The girls proceed to make the sundaes and even share one with him. When he gets ice cream on his tie both girls suck it clean before they all decide to get naughty in the kitchen and indulge in a hot threesome.While at home on a lunch break, two of your daughter’s friends, Katie Kinz and Lilly Bell, show up to enjoy ice cream sundaes. You let the girls know that your daughter is running an errand and won’t be home for quite some time. They insist on making the sundaes anyhow and wait for her to get back. You can tell they have the hots for you. You can also tell these girls are down for anything and your lunch break is about to get naughty. Sure enough, when you meet them in the kitchen, the girls can’t help but want a threesome. Don’t worry, their lips are sealed and it’ll be a dirty little secret kept from your daughter.
The Skills to Pay the Bills
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