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Kendra Sunderland in “Naughty Office”


I almost had it; one more client to close and the trip to Cabo with all the expenses paid was mine. I started my day getting everything ready to call up my client when my gorgeous co-worker, Kendra Sunderland, came in begging me to let her have the last client because she wanted to win that trip. I started to think how fine she’d look in a bikini on the beach. She catches me looking at her — and who couldn’t with those big tits in my face all the time? So in exchange for landing the last client, she willingly spread her legs wide open on my desk and let me fuck her every which way.I’m starting my day in the office when my hot co-worker, Kendra Sunderland, comes into my office and shuts the door behind her. There is a client I have to close on but she really wants it. You see, we’re both one client away from winning an all-paid trip to Cabo by the company. Kendra wants this trip so badly, she’s willing to give up her sexy body! Cabo can come later, so today, I’m cumming on Kendra!
Chanel Camryn in “Naughty Bookworms”
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