Kylie Page in “Naughty Office”


A coworker of Kylie Page’s finds a stack of photocopied tits around the office copy machine. He confronts Kylie threatening to go to HR for this nonsense. She tries to deny it but there is no way it’s an act by anybody else at the office. No other woman there even comes close to the big natural tits of Kylie Page. Realizing her predicament, she tells her coworker he can fondle her tits in order to keep his mouth shut from HR, but he wants more than that, he wants a sloppy blowjob. Kylie didn’t realize how much meat her coworker was packing — once she finds out, the blowjob quickly turns to a pussy pounding for both their pleasures.While using the office copy machine, you stumble across a stack of photocopied tits. It’s obviously your co-worker’s Kylie Page. Only she has tits like these at the office. Being the ‘perv’ that you are, you figured you can pretend to go to HR in exchange for a blow-job. Your plan works and Kylie goes to town on your cock. But things change once she actually gets that dick in her mouth. Kylie is really impressed by your body and massive cock. She insists you lock the door, move on from the foreplay, and bang the shit out of her in her office!
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