Megan Rain in “Whatever It Takes”


One of my employees, Megan Rain, really botched a report so I have a meeting with her to discuss her future with the company. She tells me she really wants to keep her job. Not gonna lie, my mind went dirty. But then she proceeded to explain to me the reason she messed up her report was because she was distracted by her butt-plug. To prove it she shows me her ass and low and behold, she’s got one in. I’m so turned on and she can tell. Megan gives me her asshole and more in order for her to secure her position with the company.It’s time to have a little one-on-one chat with my employee Megan Rain. She submitted a report that was subpar. I’d hate to see her go, she’s definitely eye candy around the office. When Megan meets with me, she lets me know she really wants to keep her job. So much in fact, that she’s willing to give up her backdoor for my pleasure… and hers. You see, Megan is an anal queen. She loves anal so much she comes to work with a butt-plug up her ass. Looks like Megan is staying on the payroll and I get her ass whenever I want.
Mommy’s Out, Daddy’s In
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