Penelope Kay, Sonny McKinley in “After School”

It is Summer and business is booming! You have been getting calls to clean up pools and today you are at the best place at the best time… at Sonny McKinley’s house, working on her pool, and she has one of her best friends there with her, Penelope Kay. They have been checking you out the entire time. Penelope finally approaches you and asks if you want to have a threesome with them, and who would say no to a threesome with two hot girls in their bikinis?It is Summer, and the weather is starting to warm up. Everyone needs their pool up and running, and today is a special day because sexy babes Penelope Kay & Sonny McKinley are watching you. Things will get even hotter when they ask if you want to join them on a threesome, and who wouldn’t want a hot fuck with two hot babes like them on the side of the pool?
Charlotte Sins: The Cock Whisperer
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