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Pick A Card


After being fired by her boss, Olivia Sparkle is desperate. Her husband is out of work and they are behind on the mortgage. She begs for her job back, but her boss refuses. He does take pity on her however and says she can have another position working in his home. However, she has to choose it by herself by picking one of the cards. Olivia does not have any other option and she agrees. Luckily, she picks the “Maid” card. She accepts and changes into a skimpy maid uniform to clean his house. She looks like a model from his favorite VR porn movies. He watches her work and Olivia can feel his eyes on her body, staring at her exposed flesh and enjoying seeing her so obedient. He decides that she is just as bad at cleaning as she was at her job and is ready to throw her out. Instead, he gives her a chance to fill another role on his home staff, that of fuck bitch. Olivia is appalled but intrigued. Her boss is handsome and something about the way he takes command of a situation has always left her a little turned on. In this dark VR porn episode, he orders her to kneel and takes out his cock. It is hard as a rock and twice as big as her husband’s. She has never wanted to suck a dick so badly in her life. Holding her by the hair, her boss guides her mouth up and down until the entire shaft glistens with her spit. He is pleased enough with her oral skills to bend her over and fuck her pussy from behind. His dick goes deeper than her husband’s and gives her feelings she has never felt. The harder he fucks her, the more submissive she becomes. He enjoys fucking her pussy, but puts Olivia on her knees so he can cum all over her pretty face. Yes, she can keep her job, but only if she comes to his house for this kind of treatment once a week.
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