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Sexy Rebel


Kama Oxi and her friends are upset. The new college board has ordered that all students on campus must wear uniforms. Making matters worse for the popular coed is the fact that the deciding vote came from her own stepbrother. She wants to show you how boring the uniforms are and to confront you about the decision. Angry and determined to make you see the error of her ways she shows you how boring the uniforms are. You don’t seem to get it until she slips out of the old outfit and into one that is far sexier. The short skirt, fishnets, and see-through top get your attention immediately. Wouldn’t something like this be better on campus? Or at least more fun? You resist, but Kama has seen this look in men’s eyes before. She knows she has you right where she wants you and is going to take this all the way. She tells you that she has always wanted to fuck you and if you do what she asks, she will do anything you want. That convinces you and moments later, she is sucking on your hard cock like no one ever has. Kama is happy to prove that she dresses like a slut from taboo VR porn movies because she is one. Her short skirt makes it easy to slide into her pussy from behind, but you aren’t happy until she is completely naked and you are balls-deep in her tight hole. She can’t wait to tell her friends that she got the uniform rule overturned, but can’t stop cumming on her stepbrother’s dick to think about anything but pleasure. She is having so much VR porn fun she almost gets a pussy full of cum, but pulls you out in time to eat your load instead. This deal is going to work out for both of you.
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