Shared Secret


Ohana Petite and Liz Ocean are best friends. They tell each other everything. At least that is what Liz thought. Then she found out that her friend has been keeping a secret. Ohana has been having an affair with her own stepbrother. Liz isn’t sure if she believes the story as it sounds like a story from some VR porn movie, but Ohana shows her a private diary with photos that show her naked with her stepbrother. So it is true. Not only that, her stepbrother has a really nice dick. They stare at the book for a long time and Liz is getting really turned on looking at pictures of her best friend sucking taboo cock. They don’t notice when you walk into the room. In this VR taboo episode, Liz decides to be flirty and flashes her tits. You take out your cock in response and she is pleased to see it is just as appealing in person, and already hard. Before she can even think about how to respond, Ohana puts it in her mouth and starts sucking. The whole thing is so wildly kinky that she can’t help but join in. Ohana is happy to share her big stepbrother’s big cock with her best friend. You take turns filling their pussies, enjoying every long stroke. The girls have shared everything in their lives except a guy. Now they are breaking that barrier and doing so with Ohana’s stepbrother just drives them both crazy. They take some new photos for her album, this time with that big dick buried inside of Liz to go along with the many special family photos she has taken. When it is time for you to cum, the girls use their mouths and make you explode all over their pretty faces. Sharing has never been so much fun and sleepovers will be a completely new experience from now on.
Sexual Congress
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