Sinterview With The Vampire


Alex Grey stars as your vampiric sometime sweetheart in BaDoinkVR’s 2023 Halloween special! It was 10 years ago when you last saw your immortal lover, but things ended badly when she almost took a bite out of you. Understandably, you stayed away until now. You’ve been pursuing your successful journalistic career in the meantime and didn’t much feel like becoming this hot blonde’s rare steak dinner. After much convincing, another interview has finally been arranged and from the second you walk in it looks like she has an ulterior motive… Sometimes rekindling an old flame can be a good decision, especially when that flame is as hot as Alex Grey! Get your Meta Quest 3, Valve Index, or Oculus Go and prepare for a fangtastic sucking and fucking session. It’s just not exactly clear which type of sucking is going to go down!
Woke up Horny
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