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Special Delivery


Do you often find yourself ordering things online and waiting for them to arrive in the hands of a courier? And what if that delivery guy is late for the umpteenth time in a row? Would you report such incompetence to his company? And what if it wasn’t a guy, but a sexy female courier? Does that change the character of things? In the world of premium VR porn movies of VRConk.com, it definitely does! Special Delivery is our latest uniform VR porn fantasy that incorporates this very theme – the one inside of the abovementioned courier will be played by one of the hottest Asian VR porn stars, Avery Black. We know that you guys love her and we are pretty certain that you couldn’t be mad at her for too long – so even though today she’s gonna be late again, we are more than sure that you two are gonna find a solution for that uneasy situation that will benefit both of the sides of the conflict. What kind of solution are we talking about? Well, maybe you should start by asking the girl to check the contents of your delivery? Why? Because it just so happens that today your long-awaited anal toys have arrived at you, and Avery’s ass seems like a perfect way of testing them out right as we speak. And yes, that pretty much means that this is an anal VR porn movie – meaning that the “solution” that you two are gonna come up with doesn’t only include the girl’s filthy mouth and narrow pussy, but also her even tighter ass, too! Sounds like a good way of making this little problem go away? Then wear your VR goggles and give Avery’s butt a solid pounding to make sure that she’ll remember to never be late with your delivery, ever again!
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