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Spicy Duo

Your girlfriend Kama Oxi always seems to know how to keep things fresh. She is beautiful, intelligent, and sexually adventurous. She also seems to know just when to spice things up to keep the fires burning in your relationship. Just when you were starting to think that things were cooling in the bedroom, you come home to find Kama in lingerie. Best of all, she is not alone. She has brought along her best friend Alice Hernandez, a gorgeous VR porn model, who gives you a big smile and asks you if you like what you see. Of course, you do and you can tell by the way Kama is looking at you that she expects you to enjoy the VR porn show. Their lingerie hugs their bodies and both of them have their perky nipples exposed for your wandering eyes. You have a deal with Kama. No touching her friend, but you can watch them play together and they encourage you to touch yourself. In fact, Alice insists on seeing you stroke before she goes any further. She likes what she sees and decides to give you a good show, putting her hands all over her bouncy tits and rubbing them against Kama’s. How about some ass? Do you have a favorite? Of course, you do, but you are too smart to pick just one when you can have both. It’s not fair that you are so close to cumming and they are not. You better let them catch up. Slow your stroke while they finger their juicy pussies. Are you ready for your next surprise? If you cum for them, they are going to take you into the bedroom and show you everything they like to do together.
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