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Spooky Celebration


Tonight is the big Halloween party and Claire Roos, a gorgeous American VR pornstrar, is very happy with her level of preparation. All of her friends will have a great time and she’ll meet a couple of very sexy new guys. The apartment is a mess, but she is content to wait until tomorrow for the clean-up. Tonight all she wants to do is think about the guys she’ll meet and get herself off. Being dressed up in a sexy costume all evening has made her incredibly horny and she can’t wait to cum. The fishnet stockings she chose for her costume have been rubbing her legs all night and the way the back rides up her ass has been driving her crazy. She doesn’t even bother to go to her bedroom, choosing instead to start touching herself right in the middle of the room that will be filled with her friends all evening. She thought of the guys who will flirt with her and wondered which one of them she would want to fuck. Why not you? You are hot and clearly want her. Slowly taking off her costume, Claire can feel her nipples stiffen as she thinks about the lust in your eyes. It would have been so easy to convince you to take her to the bedroom. She puts her hands on a pair of carved pumpkins, imagining your carved smile as the lusty face of you. One at each end would be so good. A cock for her mouth and another for her equally hungry pussy. It is such a hot VR porn fantasy that she starts cumming all over her probing fingers. She wishes she had asked you to stay, but knows she will get another chance at the next party. This time she won’t miss out.
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