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Stretching with Coco Lovelock


I don’t like taking people at the last minute, but I simply couldn’t say no to Coco Lovelock VR sporty hottie. She begged me to help her with stretching and fitness so she could get ready for New Year’s Eve. She looked so sweet and in despair when she asked me to give her at least several lessons that I simply couldn’t resist her charms. Coco Lovelock promised to do everything as I told her, and that was the last reason for me. We did a couple of exercises to warm her up and prepare her muscles for further workouts. Finally, we reached the main part. I told Coco Lovelock VR sporty hottie to take off her sports outfit so it would be easier for her to stretch. When she bent down and opened her Shaved Pussy, I thrust my dick deep into her sweet hole to the maximum, but that was not the end of the workout. I told Coco Lovelock VR sporty hottie to hold her ass cheeks, so I could widen her tight asshole. After all, this is what Anal stretching stands for.
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