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Stretching with Two Hotties 3


Many guys think that men should work out in gyms and that yoga or stretching classes are only for women. This is what I was thinking about when I decided to give it a try and take a stretching class by Harley King VR star and Lucy Doll VR model. I can’t say I didn’t have any doubts at all, but when I saw my two gorgeous coaches in their tight and transparent Uniforms, I knew this was the best decision of my life. Yes, I admit that working out in the gym with all my buddies is pretty fun, but watching two, almost naked, hotties do the stretching exercises is better. I enjoyed the beautiful view of sporty bodies taking different stretching positions before my eyes, but they caught me red-handed. I thought Harley King VR star and Lucy Doll VR model would get angry at me and make me get out, but they did something that surprised me. They stopped the workout and gave me a double handjob for a start. They asked me if I could stretch them, and I surely agreed. Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary and Doggy Style stretching positions are my favorites. I will surely take another class!
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