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Shy blonde Sandra Sweet VR has undergone some changes over the summer. With her second year of college just around the corner, she has grown several inches in all the right places. Anxious to show up on campus showing off her new assets, she does some shopping for clothes that allow her to literally bust out. She likes the way she looks but needs a guy’s opinion before she takes off for a pool party to try it out. Since her stepbrother is home, she decides to show it off to him and see if he thinks the other guys from college will like it. She tells you not to look while she changes into the tight pink dress. You like the look of the dress and try to hide your growing erection. She gets bolder, switching outfits and then smiling when she sees that you are hard and can’t take your eyes off of her big tits. She asks to see your cock and promises to keep it a secret as she slowly puts her lips around it. Your own stepsister behaves like a real VR porn model. Sandra wanted some attention and she has his. Turning around, she reaches back and guides you into her pussy before either of you can think too much about how wrong it is. It feels so good to have you pumping inside of her. She wraps her big, soft tits around your cock and pumps, reveling in the way you moan with desire for her. If her own stepbrother reacts to her body this way, she feels confident that the guys from school will want to fuck her as well. You can’t control yourself and shoot a big load all over her boobs. Smiling and happy, Sandra licks them clean. She still wants outside attention but plans to get fucked a lot at home as well.
Sweeter Than Candy
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