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Team Game


It has been a rough season for Simona Purr and Ann Joy. The two college freshmen were top football recruits and playing together was supposed to bring success for their team and their coach. Instead, the girls have been too distracted by their crush on their handsome team leader and focus more on flirting with him than playing well. After a particularly brutal loss, the girls finally agree to stop competing for their coach’s affections and truly team up on and off the field. The first step is to cheer you up. In this VR taboo movie, they wait for you in your office in shorts so tight they show off their firm cheeks with ease. The star players let you know that they want to team up to console you after the loss and they hope that you will accept their generous offer. They will strip and play with themselves if you show them your big cock and make it shoot. You know this could cost you your job, but when they strip down to just shoes and socks you just can’t say no. The two prettiest girls, hot as VR porn models, rub their clits and moan as you whip out your thick staff. You pump it while watching them get wetter and wetter. The girls work together, showing better teamwork trying to get you off than they ever do on the field. You don’t mind though and when they start to climax at the same time you know you are not far behind. They finish up just in time to beg you to let your juices fly. You give them exactly what they want, thinking that losing isn’t so bad when you have cuties like this to help soften the landing.
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