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Ten Thousand Rubs


Things have not been perfect between you and your girlfriend Sumire Mizukawa (aka Emiri Momota VR). You always knew she was a bit high maintenance, but ever since she moved in you are learning just how much of a spoiled princess she really is. She has been running up credit card bills with online shopping and trips to the mall each weekend. When you get the statement you rush home, ready to let her know that her reckless spending has to stop right away. When you get home you see her dressed in a sexy outfit with fuzzy cat ears. Before you can say a word, she tells you that she knows how hard you work and wants to show you how much she appreciates it by giving you a special VR porn show. Sit down, relax, and let her tease you by slowly taking off her clothes as she whispers her dirtiest desires to you. The clothes are cute and money well spent, but keeping her happy enough to be this naughty is all the repayment you need. She likes the way you look at her and the way your cock throbs in your jeans. Take it out. This is like your own private VR Porn show with Sumire just inches away. She looks so good touching herself and encourages you when you take out your cock. That’s right, stroke it. Pump your dick along with her as she fingers herself. There will be time to talk about credit cards later. Now just watch as her eyes roll back in her head and sticks her tongue out, waiting for you to cum with her, to shoot your big load all over her. Sumire is an expensive girl, but worth every penny.
I Know You Want Me
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