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The One That Got a Lay


How hard can it be to stay away from sister’s best friend? When that best friend is Eliza Ibarra, extremely so. It’s been a little while since she left town to pursue her dream as an actress, and before she left she had a huge crush on you that you once heard about from your sister. Back then you were still naive to the world of women, but not anymore! Anyway, she’s back in town and it’s natural that she’d stay with your family. She’s got a couple of auditions in the area, and she’s feeling super nervous and needs to unwind. Your sister doesn’t get back into town until tomorrow, and she is spending a lot of time hanging around you… The truth is, you don’t mind that at all. You’re spending a lot of time hanging around this Latina babe too. Once you get alone together in her bedroom there is no telling how far you’ll both go to satisfy your urges. Just don’t let your sister know. Grab your Meta Quest 3, Oculus Go, or Meta Quest 3 and fuck this incredible, tight body brunette in this immersive VR porn.
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