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The Provocation


Leria Glow is home from college and finds her old town super boring. All of her cool friends are still at school and the people who are left just don’t interest her. She spends most of her time at home, on her social media wishing she was doing what her college friends were. Instead, she is stuck at home with only her stepfather in the house. As she sits on the bed doodling, she catches you sneaking a peek at her partially exposed ass. You are handsome but married to her mom. Suddenly, that doesn’t matter and she feels the urge to tease you a bit. In this taboo VR porn episode, she shows you that she has been drawing a picture of what she imagines your dick must look like. You ignore it and she pulls her bottoms open to fully expose her ass. You try to sternly reprimand her, but she grabs you by the belt and feels your hard cock. No matter how much you know it is wrong, your cock is throbbing in her mouth and you aren’t about to stop. Leria turns around and sticks her cute ass in the air. You pump deep into her and she pushes back on your big dick. You know how to fuck her pussy so much better than the guys at school. This is why she loves older men so much. Riding your dick, she smiles looking down at you because you look so happy to be inside her. She knows she makes you feel better than her mother and you don’t even care that you’re cheating. Her tight pussy is worth it. It is so tight that you can’t resist shooting your load inside no matter how risky it might be.
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