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Transparent Intentions


The Most Thoughtful Boyfriend in History. That’s the title you’ve officially earned today, and your face is going in the Guiness Book of World Records under that title. Not one, but 2 bouquets of flowers? Not 1 but 12 cupcakes, one for each date? Well, you are truly a charmer. But you have transparent intentions! Jill Kassidy is one of your hottest ever blonde girlfriends and she’s got a body that you cannot get enough of. Thankfully, Jill feels the same way about you and she’s bought a set of transparent underwear that helps her tease you and let you see everything she’s got going on. It looks like gifts are one of her love languages because your plan worked a treat. This sexy, slinky hottie knows how to rock a cock so get your Meta Quest 3, Oculus Go, or Valve Index strapped on and fuck this megababe in immersive VR porn.
Valentina’s Kitchen
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