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Wish Hotel: Clean Up My Pants!


I often have to stay in different hotels. My work demands a lot of traveling to different cities. I always choose the hotel carefully because a good hotel is a must for relaxing and getting enough energy for the next workday. So, I was relaxing in the comfy bed with a cup of fresh water in my hands when I accidentally spilled it all over me. Of course, I could get up, go and take a couple of towels, and clean myself up, but I was told the hotel had the best room service in the country. So, I rang the bell, but nobody showed up. I kept ringing the bell again and again till I got tired. So, I picked up the hotel phone, trying to get help, but the damn phone wasn’t working. Do you call this the best service? I was getting more and more pissed when, finally, the door opened and Crystal Rush and Mia James entered the room. Though the first impression wasn’t the best one, sexy maids managed to make me change my mind by giving me a Blowjob by turns, opening their Shaved Pussies so I could lick them and taste their juices, finally pleasing me with a crazy Cowgirl ride to forgive them for their bad behavior.
Locker room incident
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