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Wow, It Feels So Real


Thayana Babyy didn’t marry her new husband for love or sex. She married him for his money. That didn’t bother her at all because it allowed her to stay home while he worked and brought home the cash to pay the bills. It did leave her a little frustrated sexually, but she quickly found a way to fix that. While her husband is at work, his nineteen-year-old son likes to stay home and play video games or even watch VR porn videos. He often has cute friends over and that puts Thayana in a perfect position to get some young, hard dick on the side. While her stepson is busy playing with his VR Headset on, she decides to make a move on his friends. You can’t stop staring at her huge stepmom milkers. When she shows you her ass, you grab a handful, making her moan. That gets her stepson’s attention and to her surprise, he is more than willing to help give her the dickdown she needs. You double up on her big tits and ass until she just has to have a taste of your young, throbbing poles. Sucking with a skill neither of you has ever experienced, Tayana makes sure you are good and ready to fuck her. She hasn’t been fucked this well in a long time and having two studs take turns on her only assures that she is constantly being pleasured properly. You take turns on her pussy and mouth, occasionally sliding a rock-hard dick between her tits until everyone is ready to cum. She knows just how to finish you off, kneeling and sucking until you both blast loads onto her smiling face. When you are done, she makes you lunch promising to let you fuck her any time you want as long as you don’t tell her husband.
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