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Coming home from a long day at work, you are ready to relax. Your wife is not home, but your nineteen-year-old stepdaughter Ohana Petite is on the couch in a very revealing outfit. You try to look away, but she asks you to sit on the couch with her. She wants to show her appreciation for all you have done to help her with college and for supporting her mother. Sensing that you are nervous, she assures you that she knows it would be wrong to fuck you. On the other hand, you do deserve something special and she has noticed the way you look at her. Just watching can’t be that bad, right? In this taboo VR porn episode, she tells you that you can always stop her if you get uncomfortable. Before you can think about it too long, she stands up and starts to dance seductively. She is quite lively and the outfit crawls up her ass, exposing her firm cheeks. Seeing your cock growing in your pants she stops, telling you that she will only continue if you take it out and stroke it. After all, this is supposed to be a reward for you. Once she sees the hard-on in your hand, Ohana smiles and slips her lingerie off of her shoulders, exposing her tiny breasts and stiff nipples. She likes looking at your big dick while she touches herself. Ohana surprises you by confessing that she masturbates while she watches VR porn thinking about you fucking her. Do you want to see her do that? Do you want to watch while she makes her tight pussy cum? That sounds like a perfect idea and she races to keep up as you pump your dick until it explodes for her. Such a good stepdad. You deserve another reward.
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