A Space Odyssey


They are in a space ship… they are travelling through the space! Geishakyd is speaking with the S.H.I.P, telling Tommy Cabrio that he has to come back to the Control Room to start the countdown to travel to the next “Earth”. They are going to sleep for 20 years (a hibernation protocol), but before that, they have 30 minutes left. What are they going to do? They start to kiss passionately and, after turning off the S.H.I.P voice, Geishakyd gives him a blowjob, kneeling on the floor. She turns around and, bending towards the counter, he fucks her in doggy position. She turns around again and masturbates while he looks at her pussy: she touches her clitoris with one hand and she sticks the fingers of the other hand inside her vagina. Then, they lay down on the floor and she gets on top of him to have sex in cowgirl-style. She also does it in reverse cowgirl, moving with round moves her amazing butt. He fucks her in doggy and missionary position too and at the end he cums over her stomach and boobs. Suddenly the countdown starts. But there is an alert sound! Something is detected in the orbit of the ship: do you want to know what is going to happen? To be continued…
The Fucking Floorplan!
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