Next Door’s Party Is Cooler

Ale Danger and Jimmy Bud left the party? Why? Because they want to make out! They come to this room and they start to dance, keeping up with the party mood. But then, they start to kiss and they go to the bed because they are horny. Ale sits down on the bed and starts to take off her bra, so he can see her amazing boobs. She starts to caress his chest and to touch and lick his dick when Sapphire Astrea comes in the room! What does she want? Doesn’t she see that they are busy? She wants to join them! She approaches to them and starts kissing Ale. Then, she joins the blowjob and masturbates him while Ale sticks his dick in her mouth and both take turns to give him the blowjob. The three of them start to fuck. Ale is on top of him and he sticks his cock in her pussy while Sapphire masturbates her looking at him. Then, Sapphine is the one who sits on top of him but in reverse cowgirl, so he can see her butt and how his dick get into her. The threesome will go on doing different positions like missionary. They will lick their tits, their asses, his balls… They will keep fucking until he cums over their bodies.
A Friend In Need
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