All Eyes On Me


Summer is here and Lia Lin, gorgeous VR model, has been waiting all year to show off her body. She works hard to stay in shape and has some tight shorts picked out that really accentuate her long legs and tight ass. Adding a cute top and some knee high socks to the outfit, she admires herself in the mirror wondering how long it will take the guys around town to notice. Spinning around to take a look from the back, she thinks it won’t take long. Not with a backside that looks this good. In this VR porn episode, her mind wanders as she thinks of the guys staring as she passes. The lustful looks in their eyes. The jealous looks on their wives’ or girlfriends’ faces. Just thinking about it makes her horny. She is so turned on that she doesn’t even want to go out any more. Why leave when staying home and playing with herself can be so much fun? It It is just so easy to slide those tight shorts off and get her hands on her horny little hole. Her special panties have a slit along her lips and the fabric is already soaked from her excitement. The cool air on her naked lips does nothing to stop the burning desire she feels down there. Her fingers find all the right spots and disappear into her tight slit. As she closes her eyes to cum, she pictures bringing home you later to fill her with your big cock.
Floating Heart
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