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Stefany Kyler has a huge crush on a young man she met at college. He is a musician and she desperately wants to have some excuse to spend time with him. Deciding that she should learn to play the ukulele, she learns quickly that it is a lot more difficult than she expected. Luckily, Stefany has some help right under the same roof. Her older stepbrother is a music major at their college and gives lessons on the weekends for extra money. In this VR porn episode, she waits in your room to ask for your help. Though you are very busy with your new VR headset, you agree to help. You give her some tips and show her how to hold the instrument. Being so close to her brings out feelings you have held for a while and you can’t help but get hard. Ignoring it at first, Stefany thinks she is just imagining it, but as your dick grows to full size she realizes that you want her. She decides that maybe the best way to pay you for the lessons is with her pussy instead of money. You love that idea and watch her get naked while pumping your dick to full throbbing length. One look at that huge dick and Stefany forgets all about the guy she has a crush on. She wants her big stepbrother’s big cock and is happy to show you why she has always been so popular in school. Her mouth gets you so wet and throbbing hard that you slide easily into her tight, wet pussy. You give it to her hard and deep, pushing every inch inside until you are ready to explode. When you do, she pumps it into her mouth, letting you cover her face. Based on your reaction, Stefany thinks that maybe she doesn’t have to learn to play an instrument to get her crush’s attention.
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