Debt Settlement


Zlata Shine is shocked to find out that her boyfriend is in tremendous debt. He has borrowed sixty thousand from the bank and then lost it all in one-night playing poker. They don’t have any way to pay it back and are in a terrible situation. Realizing the dire situation they are in, she calls the only person she knows who might be able to help them, her stepbrother. She calls you over and asks for your help in front of her humiliated boyfriend. Then you agree to help, but only if she agrees to a repayment plan and comes clean with her man about your special relationship. He is shocked to see Zlata reach into her stepbrother’s pants and pull out his big cock. This is all his fault and he has no choice but to sit and watch as she greedily devours your meat. The sight of his girl being such a VR taboo slut makes him hard so she decides to let him get in on the fun. She puts his dick in her mouth while you pound away on her pussy from behind. Sharing her has always been a VR porn fantasy, but watching her get fucked by you is so taboo that he can hardly stand it. For Zlata it is a fantasy come true, fucking the two men in her life at the same time. You both seem quite turned on and harder than ever. She decides to reward you by letting you take turns in her tight asshole. You can’t resist this kinky cutie and bang her even harder until she is squirming and screaming on your poles. To thank you both, she puts your cocks in her mouth at the same time and doesn’t let up until you have both fired huge loads onto her pretty face. This was just the first of many installment payments she owes you.
Lauren Phillips: Wakey Wakey
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