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Between Nuts and Screws


Avery Jane finds herself immersed in the task of assembling furniture. Seated on the sofa, you observe her every move, captivated by the diligent concentration etched on her face. The actress, determined to conquer the challenge, skillfully arranges the pieces, occasionally glancing back at you with a playful smile. As she strategically positiones herself in front of you, showing you her butt, you can’t resist diverting your attention from the instructions to watch her. Avery Jane suddenly pauses, a laugh escaping her lips: “Watching me assembling furniture is turning you on?”, she teased. She sees that you are hard so she comes to you, undresses you and herself and starts a blowjob. She licks your dick from top to bottom and sticks it inside her mouth. Then, she fucks you in cowgirl position and stays still in reverse cowgirl so you can fuck her at the speed you want. You both keep having sex in missionary or doggy, among other styles, until you cum over her while she moans of pleasure.
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