Birthday Treat


Sladyen Skaya has had so much fun during her first semester at college that her grades have slipped tremendously. She needs to buckle down and study harder, but she also knows a shortcut for at least one of her classes. The pretty nineteen-year-old has noticed her Biology professor sneaking glances at her when she wears a short skirt in class. In this dark VR porn episode, she picks up a cake and delivers it to her professor with some balloons wearing her hottest skirt and a naughty smile. He can tell what she is here for and is happy to accept her as a gift. If she is a very good girl and does everything he says, they can discuss improving her marks. He takes out his cock and gives her instructions. Suck it first and then turn around to take it from behind. She loves his commanding tone and the way his throbbing meat fills her horny hole. She likes to be his VR porn slut. His firm hand smacking her ass brings surprised yelps as his dick thrusts deep into her body. She does exactly what he says, riding him hard and letting her pussy cum all over him. It feels so good that she lost track of how close he was to cumming himself. He tells her to keep going no matter what and soon fills her with his hot cream. Sladyen can’t believe it, but he promises her top grades if she comes back once a week for the same treatment. She agrees, knowing this is one class she won’t need to study for.
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