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Cold Pizza, Hot Dick


Simon Kitty VR is the type of woman who is used to being pampered and getting what she wants. When her date stands her up, she is furious. Instead of a fancy dinner, she has to call for pizza to eat with her friends. To make matters worse, the food is late and when the delivery driver finally shows up, her pizza is cold. That’s the final straw. She pulls out her phone and calls his boss to complain. Before she can complete the call, the delivery guy makes a move that shocks her. He grabs the phone from her hand and tells her that he knows how to make her feel better. She can sense the power in his voice and finds herself more than ready for whatever he has in mind. He turns her around and lifts her dress, finding a very wet pussy waiting underneath. Simon has never considered herself submissive, certainly not to a lowly pizza guy, but there is something in the way he confidently shoves his dick into her that makes her want to cum immediately. He makes her clean his dick with her mouth and then slides it between her big tits. She can’t wait to feel him inside of her again. In this dark VR porn episode, he lets her ride, doing all the work and getting herself off harder than she ever did with her regular dates. He starts to grunt and tells her to get on her knees. She knows what he wants, but never lets her boyfriend’s cum on her face. Somehow it just feels right with him and she kneels to take every drop of his spunk. Not exactly the evening she was expecting, but it turned out to be so much better.
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