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It is a very big day for Lia Lin and Mary Popiense. They have both been interning for a prestigious firm and today is the end of their probationary period. Only one of them will get a full-time position while the other one will be fired. They are both nervous when the boss comes in to give them his decision. He sees that they have both dressed in sexy outfits hoping to gain his favor. While that is a good start, he needs to see more. Which one of them will be more obedient? Who is willing to do anything he demands in order to get the job? Both girls say they will follow his orders and strip to prove it. He likes what he sees and stands over them with his cock out. He tells them that he wants employees who know how to worship his meat like hungry VR porn sluts should. Mary and Lia fight each other to get their mouth around his thick rod. In this VR episode, he chooses Mary to fuck first but makes Lia lean in close to lick her friend while he pounds her. Both girls get the same treatment and follow his orders. They enjoy being submissive and he enjoys their tight young holes. He lets them ride him until he cums and makes them an offer. They can both have a job, but only if they share one salary. Also, they both have to agree to be his office fuck toys any time he wants. They agree and the idea makes him so happy that he forgets to pull out, shooting a big load of cock cream into Lia’s pussy. For their first act as official employees, he orders Mary to clean out every drop.
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