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No Need To Be So Shy


Mia Grandy VR was so happy to meet her boyfriend at college. Sheltered her whole life, the straight-A student never thought she would meet someone as devoted to their studies as she is. On top of that, he is a virgin just like she is and totally fine with waiting before doing anything physical with each other. They are the perfect nerdy couple, always studying, and holding hands as their ultimate expression of physical love. That catches the eye of one of their professors. You have a reputation for fucking your students and set your sights on Mia. Knowing that she is far too much of a straight-edge girl to even cheat, you come up with a special way to get what you want. In this dark VR porn episode, you invite them both over to your home and explain that you have noticed them together. They seem happy, but also a bit awkward. Since you are quite experienced, you wonder if they would like some pointers to make their first time together special. It sounds like a good idea. Mia is attracted to your straightforward nature and her boyfriend doesn’t want his inexperience to ruin their initial sexual encounter. First, you take out your cock and instruct Mia on how to use her mouth to make it harder and wet. Her boyfriend watches, trying to hide his jealousy and his growing erection. You tell him it is his turn and lets Mia taste his dick while you slide into her tight virgin twat. She has never had one cock before, let alone two, but they both feel so good sliding in and out of her. Teaching the young couple tricks, you are pleased to see how well she learns and how much she enjoys being fucked by two at a time. They are so busy having fun that you manage to sneak a cumshot into her pussy. They are worried, but she convinces her boyfriend to do the same, just in case.
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