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Games To Play In The Dark


Kama Oxi VR is the most popular girl on campus. She dates the hottest guys, goes to the best parties, and is used to getting attention wherever she goes. That is why she likes spending time at home with her stepbrother. They have grown close over the years and being with him feels like a break from the constant lustful stares and pick-up attempts. When he asked her to stay in for the game night, she thought it was cute and would be a nice change of pace. What Kama didn’t know is that her stepbrother wanted into her panties as much as any guy on campus and on top of that, he was a bit of a freak. He has all kinds of toys that hint at some very kinky fetishes. In this dark VR porn episode, he selects a collar and leash to go along with a sexy little white lingerie outfit for his stepsister. Though unexpected, this turns her on immediately. In a stern voice, he orders her to bend over the bed and she does so without hesitation. His hands spanking her ass drives her instantly crazy and makes her pussy wetter than it has ever been. He pulls out his cock and gives the leash a tug until her mouth is filled with meat and she is happy to gag while he fucks her pretty face. No one has ever taken charge in bed like this and she loves it. She loves being his submissive fuck toy and begs him to put his dick inside of her pussy. He knows just how to do it and makes her scream out for more. All those boys at school doing anything she wants, but here at home, she gets taken by her stepbrother and can’t get enough. As she rides his cock, he holds her in place, refusing to pull out as his dick explodes inside of her. She never knew how kinky he was, but now she is going to take full advantage.
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