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Checking The Talent


Sia Siberia is an aspiring actress. When she hears about a casting call for a fantasy VR dark movie in her area, she knows that she has to go. Reading the costume requirements closely, she is a little nervous because the casting director wants her in a skimpy outfit. Not to be deterred, she shows up and does some test shots. Sia impresses him and he calls in the producer for a closer look. They want her to make some strange expressions and then Sia is shocked when they both pull out their cocks. This is a very special kind of fantasy film and if she wants the part they need to see if she can follow through on fulfilling their fantasies. She really wants the part and they both have nice cocks so she starts sucking them both. In this VR porn video, they make her roll her eyes back again, showing how she can stay in character and still swallow their stiff meat swords. They are impressed, but before she gets the part, they need more from her. Sia’s pussy is so wet that she happily takes one from behind while greedily slurping on the other. Every time she rolls her eyes, she can feel their dick throb a little more so she plays her part and gives them everything they want. In turn, they give her the hardest and hottest fuck she has ever had. Sia can see the cameras rolling and makes her special faces as the guys start to cum, one on her pussy and the other all over her tongue. She’s got the part and more importantly, has two big cocks to keep her happy.
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