Orgasm Delivery


Sirena Milano is bored at home when a delivery man arrives with a package for her father. It is very important and must be signed for. She tells the delivery guy that her father will be gone for a while, but he has been ordered to stay until he gets a signature. Sirena doesn’t mind the company. In fact, she thinks the delivery guy is kind of cute and starts to tease him a bit while he sits and waits. He ignores her at first, causing her to be a bit daring and show more skin. When he finally shows interest, he lets her know that he could lose his job if he does anything with her. She thinks that is the end of it, but he tells her that he is going to risk his job, he better make it worth it. In this dark VR porn episode, he pulls out his hard cock and orders her to put it in her mouth. She feels his hands guiding her head until her lips stretch around the head. Teasing was fun, but as he pulls down her panties she realizes that she really wants to be fucked good and hard. That is exactly how he gives it to her, ramming every inch into her tight little hole from behind. She was worried about being caught at first, but after sucking him clean and bouncing her way through a few orgasms, she doesn’t care who might come home. So lost in her pleasure is the pretty young teen that she doesn’t notice as he tenses up and unloads right inside of her pussy. Not the delivery her father was expecting, but it is exactly what this naughty VR porn slut needed.
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