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Clemence Audiard VR is having a run of bad luck that stems mostly from her incredibly poor judgment. She has been dating a really nice guy who is handsome, funny, charming, good in bed, and takes care of all of her needs. Somehow she managed to cheat on him with some random dude she met in a bar. She wants him back and is willing to go to great lengths to make that happen. Adding to her poor choices, she decides to see how much he still loves her. She asks her friend Lia Lin for help with her crazy idea. She asks Lia to tie her up, take photos, and then send them to her ex to see if he will come to her rescue. It sounds like a horrible idea, but Lia wants to be a good friend and goes along with the plan. In this dark VR porn episode, she ties Clemence up, takes some photos, and sends them to her ex to see what happens. When she sees that he has raced over, Clemence is excited. Perhaps he does still love her. She gets a shock, however, as Lia decides to teach her friend a lesson. How could she treat such a nice guy in such a horrible way? And after all that, he still shows up to help her? She decides to fuck him right there in front of her bound friend. Maybe that will teach her to appreciate the man she had. Just inches away, Clemence has to watch her ex fuck her best friend with his big cock. Taking pity on her friend, Lin finally sets her free and lets her join after plenty of begging. She has missed his cock so much and is sorry for cheating. As she and Lin share his load, he realizes that it is too late. He has already moved on.
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