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Deep Method


Scarlet Jones is very excited because she has been shopping and bought a special outfit for her boyfriend. She has always been sweet and innocent but wanted to break out a little and be wild. The clothes she picked are far naughtier than anything he has seen her in, but she hopes he will like her new look and show her some physical affection. Instead of being excited, he tells her that she looks like a VR porn slut and storms off. Distraught, Scarlet calls her psychotherapist for guidance. When he arrives she is in tears, but still dressed in her outfit. He asks to see it and she shyly shows him. He immediately makes them better by telling her how beautiful she looks. She can’t believe he really thinks so and is shocked when he asks her to lift her top so he can see her breasts. It is highly unprofessional, but she gets turned on flashing him. He shocks her again by telling her that if she is going to dress like a slut, she better behave like one too. Scarlett is on her knees and has his cock in her mouth before she can even think about her boyfriend. She no longer cares. It feels too good being a bad girl for her handsome doctor. In this dark VR porn episode, he is fucking her so hard and so deep. This is everything she ever wanted from sex with her boyfriend, but he could never deliver. She loves doing all the naughty things she has never done before like sucking his dick clean after she cums on it. She wants him to cum in her mouth, something else she never lets her man do. The doctor is happy to oblige, leaving his load on her face before leaving the room. He reminds her to bring her slutty outfit to their next appointment.
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