Say Hi To Your Boyfriend


For her first job out of college, Aria Carson VR has landed a great position. It pays well and puts her in close proximity to the CEO at all times. If she does well, it is the fast track to a long and successful career with the company. The trouble is, she has an annoying and needy boyfriend who doesn’t have a job. He spends all day playing video games, watching VR Porn and bothering Aria at work. After catching her once again on her phone, Aria’s boss decides to teach her a lesson by teasing her inappropriately while she talks to her boyfriend on the phone. He plays with her breasts and finds that she likes being so naughty. When he takes out his cock her eyes grow wide. He is so much bigger than her boyfriend that she begs him silently to give it to her. With her man still on the line she opens her mouth for his thick meat and can’t hold back her lusty moans as he fills her mouth. She tries to explain it by telling him that she is eating, but her boss no longer cares if the other guy hears. He wants to fuck his slutty secretary while he listens. She bends over and screams into the phone as her boss nails her harder and deeper than her boyfriend ever could. Making her man listen is turning her on almost as much as her dominant boss’ and his big boner. They both get close and he tells her to keep sucking until he shoots. She never lets her boyfriend do that and gets off making him listen to her take a big load and then swallow it. This is not for home, only real men get this kind of treatment.
Let’s Play, Sensei!
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