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Spooky Surprise


Ara Mix has always had a flair for the dramatic. She has been harboring sexual VR porn fantasies about her stepfather for a while. With her mother out of town for a while, she knows this is the best chance to do something about her forbidden feelings. Not content with a typical seduction, she lets her imagination run wild to come up with something outrageous. Ara is studying to be a makeup artist and she loves VR porn horror movies so she decides to cook up something scary for her stepfather. She does her hair and makeup to look like a terrifying clown, but then wears see-through black lingerie to show off her lithe young body. When he comes home, she jumps out and scares him, but as soon as the initial fright wears off, he can see what she really wants. Without a word, she drops to her knees and he takes out the big hard cock she has been dreaming of. He finds her makeup a wonderful contrast to the pleasure her mouth is giving him. She wants more than a taste though. She wants him to fuck her with the same cock that makes her mother squeal with delight every night. He is happy to give that to her, ramming it in hard as she begs for more. Ara may be dressed like a clown, but her tight body makes his dick disappear like she’s a magician. She shows him just how much she loves him by fucking back harder and faster. He is about to lose control and wants to pull out, but she holds him tight until she can feel him blasting his load inside of her.
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